Designed to assist you like a true butler in your home

  • Blends in with your furniture
  • Strong and robust steel frame
  • One-hand-only operation of handle and brake
  • 360° maneuverability and stability
  • Designed to get close to your furniture, countertops, and appliances
  • Maximum responsiveness and easy turning with 8 independently turning silent wheels
  • Includes a large tray and basket to transport your things around the house
  • Made for indoor use – but can also be used on your terrace, patio or balcony.

360° manoeuvrability in your home

The Scandinavian Butler is made so that you are standing right in the middle of the rollator.

This increases your control over the rollator so you can walk safely.

It also enables you to maneuver the rollator with absolute ease.

And on top of this, you won’t have to use any strength when turning it.

Perfect for every activity in your home.

One-hand-only operation =
one hand free

The brake bar on the Scandinavian Butler is designed as one long continuous piece.

This enables you to activate the brake with one hand from both sides of the handle.

This way, you’re free to do other things at the same time, for example, reach out for things on the table or open a door. All without compromising your stability.

The brake has two functions, as both a regular brake and a parking brake

More Information
Color Oyster White
Weight 10.00 kg
Max user weight 150 kg
Length 63,3 cm
Height 83,5 cm
Width 58,8 cm
Handle Height 83,5-97,5 cm
Width between handles 43 cm
Grip to brake 7,7 cm
Wheels 4 double wheels with 18 cm in diameter – Made in ABS coated with soft rubber.
Material Steel frame, Aluminum, POM and PA
Box 57,6 X 49,7 X 72 cm – 12 kg.