Saljol Carbon Rollator

£525.00 Ex. VAT, £630.00 Inc. Vat

The Saljol Carbon Rollator weighs only 5.8kg and is easy to manoeuvre, even for people with little muscle power. It is a stable lightweight rollator and has a weight capacity of up to 150kg. Go out for a walk and carry your belongings with you in the supplied bag which can be easily opened and closed with a magnet. When you feel like resting, you can sit down on the integrated seat. The Saljol Carbon Rollator has soft rubber tyres which are great for smooth and not so smooth terrain. It includes a standard cane holder.

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Reflectors on frame and wheel: Be perfectly visible at darkness and twilight.

Unique, curved design, inspired by the 50s: Stay individual and chic.

Integrated gearshift: Stay in full control over your rollator using the drag brakes, even when you go downhill.

Cork handles: Avoid sweaty hands, enjoy the natural feeling and the shock-absorbing effect.

Available Colours

British Racing Green, Midnight Blue, Star Silver


Rollator weight: 5.8kg
Maximum weight capacity: 150kg
Maximum load of bag: 5kg
Seat height: 54cm (small), 62cm (medium)
Handle height range: 76 – 88cm (small), 81 – 103cm (medium)
Seat width: 45cm (small), 46cm (medium)
Overall width: 62cm
Width folded: 22cm


Frame: carbonfibre
Folding mechanism: Aluminium powder coated
Handgrip: TPE with 20-30% cork
Brake handle: PA6 GF30
Brake pads: PA6 GF15
Seating net: 100% polyester
Wheel Rim: PP GF15
Wheel Tire: PU


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