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Mobility is an ability we all take for granted – until we can no longer do it.

It swiftly becomes a major problem if, for whatever reason, we can no longer walk any distance without pain, bend down to pick something up, or even reach up to a shelf.

However, help is at hand. Solving these everyday problems is the aim of Sheen Mobility, a business in East Sheen in South West London which is dedicated to making life easier for the elderly, handicapped, injured and disabled people. It fills a much-needed gap in the market. With the population growing older there is a definite need.

The Director Mr. Amol Rajmane has more than sixteen years of experience in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and mobility industry which is quite useful for people visiting Sheen Mobility.

And it’s not only the elderly whom the shop helps. Anyone who has a short-term illness, like a broken leg etc., who may need a walking stick, crutches or orthopaedic support can find what they need at Sheen Mobility. This business supplies a wide range of equipment such as mobility scooters, manual wheelchairs, powered wheelchairs, rise recliner chairs, walking aids, toilet bathroom aids, incontinence products, orthopaedic supports, daily living aids, stair lifts, walk in shower and bath, electric hospital kind beds and many more. Sheen Mobility is happy to sell, provide aftersales service and also do repairs if needed in a future. Sheen Mobility is One Stop Mobility Store in London.