Dash 3 in 1 Power Rollator Powerchair Carer Controlled Wheelchair

£1,499.99 Ex. VAT, £1,799.99 Inc. Vat

Adaptable, versatile, and flexible for everyday life

Experience ultra-flexibility with this 3 in 1 power rollator


The Dash Ultra 3 in 1 power rollator is ultra-flexible.  It can function as a rollator, powered rollator, walker, wheelchair or electric wheelchair.  This makes it an essential helper supporting many needs including nursing, rehabilitation, exercise, and travel.  This is made easier with various control options – front, rear, and via Bluetooth.

Its collapsible, compact frame means it is suitable for everyday life, and can go where you go.  The swing-away and detachable leg rests make it easy to get in and out of.   For comfort, the backrest and handlebar height are adjustable too.  It can support individuals up to 100kg/15.7 stone.

Key Features:

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