Kameleon Paediatric Powerchair

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Independent mobility plays a key role in the early stages of mental growth. The Kameleon is a pediatric power wheelchair designed to support kids through this transition safely.

It is tailored to fit the need of children aging from 3 to 12 years old.


It is the only power wheelchair on the market to provide full power functions, including power tilt, lift, and elevating legrest. It also offers a wide range of adjustments.

Kameleon pediatric power wheelchair with development supported modular design, to empower and enable socialization of children.

Optimal Back Support

Every back panel can be adjusted into a position that is best fitted to the child. Besides the curved panel, Kameleon also provide a flat standard panel as an option.


If your child needs help changing their position, Kameleon is your preferred choice. It provides power-tilt from 0 to 45 degrees, which completely redistributes and relieves pressure.

This feature also aids stability and good posture while driving, making the ride safer and more comfortable.

Power Lifting

Every child should have the power lifting function built into their power chair. It allows kids to have eye-level interactions with their peers, which is crucial to develop self-confidence.

Power lifting also helps children to overcome unfriendly environments, such as bookshelves, supporting them to learn and play like their peers.

Multi-Adjustable Headrest

The height, angle, and curvature of the headrest are adjustable and help ease the pressure on the head and shoulders. An additional rail can be added to increase the horizontal range of adjustment.

Quick-Release Seat

The quick-release mechanism can help the caregiver to transport the wheelchair. The service provider can also change the seat to other chassis easily if need be.

Grow With The Kid

Adjustability plays a key role in children’s wheelchairs. The Kameleon offers 10-12 inches adjustments of the seat width and 11-14 inches of the depth. It is designed to accommodate a child from 4 to 12 years old. It is one of the most cost effective pediatric chairs on the market.

Seating in Abduction

It is hard for anyone to sit with their knees together for more than a couple of minutes. By spreading the legs naturally, we can actually widen up the pelvic base of support, which improves the sitting stability. The abducted seating of the Kameleon was designed to help children to support their legs and remain in this natural sitting position.

Customize Configured Seat Wedge

Every child has different ways of sitting. Which is why the Kameleon seat pan is designed to accommodate any customized seat wedge that a therapist might recommend to the user. By inserting wedges under the cushion of the Kameleon, the therapist can trial and error until finding the right one for the child.

Rear Basket

A place to hold the child’s personal belongings such as school bag or favorite toys.

Crash Test Approved

Kameleon is approved for transportation in accordance with ISO 7176-19. This means it is suitable to be used as a seat in a motor vehicle for transportation.

Available Colour



Product Name Kameleon small size Kameleon big size
Nominal Seat Width (inch) 10-12 14-16
Nominal Seat Depth (inch) 10-16 12-18
Effective Seat Width (mm) 260-310 360-410
Effective Seat Depth (mm) 255-395 310-450
Wheel (inch)
14/-/9 14/-/9
Seat Surface Height at Front Edge (mm) 500-800 500-800
Backrest Height (mm) 355-535 485-665
Armrest Height (mm) 120-215 230-325
Distance Between Armrests (mm) 290-340 330-390
Front Location of Armrest
Structure (mm)
0-450 0-200
Calf Length (Footrest to Seat Distance) (mm) 200-370 200-370
Power Functions Tilt -3~42°
Elevating Legrest : (-11)-75°
Lift: 0-300mm
Tilt -3~42°
Elevating Legrest : (-11)-75°
Lift: 0-300mm
Seat Plane Angle (X°) -3-42 -3-42
Seat to Backrest Angle (X°) 91-142 91-142
Leg to Seat Surface Angle (X°) 79-165 79-165
Ground Clearance (mm) 65 65
Obstacle Climbing (mm) 50 50
Ability to Climb Rated Slope (X°) 12 12
Dynamic Stability Uphill (X°) 6 6
Minimum Turning Radius W/O User (mm) 660 660
Minimum Turning Radius (mm) 660 660
Reversing Width (mm) 845 845
Controller VR2 / R-net CJSM VR2 / R-net CJSM
Motor (W) 450W 450W
Battery (Ah) 50*2/80*2 50*2/80*2
Battery Compartment (mm) 345*260*220 345*260*220
Maximum Speed Forward
10 10
Energy Consumption 25.6 (50AH)
46 (80AH)
25.6 (50AH)
46 (80AH)
Suspension 4 wheels 4 wheels
Max. User Weight(kg) 57 57
Total Mass (kg) 167 (50AH)
190 (80AH)
173 (50AH)
196 (80AH)
Total Mass Without Batteries (kg) 136 142
Mass of Heaviest Part (kg) 147 (50AH)
170 (80AH)
147 (50AH)
170 (80AH)
Overall Length (mm) 1100-1190 1100-1220
Overall Width (mm) 620 620
Overall Height (mm) 1100-1450 1230-1580
Folded Length (mm) 1010 1010
Folded Width (mm) 620 620
Folded Height (mm) 825 86g

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