byAcre Carbon Ultralight Rollator – Carbon Fibre “Ferrari of Rollators”

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“It’s an amazing rollator. Perfect balance, compact, stable, and good-looking, I especially like the shade of red! I can carry this down to the subway and up and out again.”

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  • A companion for strolls, trips, or travel
    •  Lightest rollator in the world at only 4,8 kg
    • Carbon fiber frame, 5x stronger than steel, and with a lifetime warranty
    • Folds up with a gentle lift in the seat for easy transport and storage
    • Forward-facing ergonomic handles that promote good posture
    • Integrated brakes and easy height adjustment via push button
    • Beautiful and functional design that motivates you to get out
    • Built to last – We’ve used the best materials on the market
    • Comes fully assembled. Simply unbox, unfold, click, and go.
    • Organiser bag and travel lock included
Weight 4.80 kg
Max user weight 130 kg // 286,6 lbs
Length 66 cm // 25,9 inches
Width 61,5 cm (Compact Track), 62,5 cm (Regular Track), 66,5 cm (Wide Track) // 24,2 inches (Compact Track), 24,6 inches (Regular Track), 26,1 inches (Wide Track)
Width folded 25 cm // 9,8 inches
Seat width 41 cm (Compact Track), 42 cm (Regular Track), 47 cm (Wide Track) // 13,7 inches (Compact Track), 16,5 inches (Regular Track), 18,5 inches (Wide Track)
Seat height 56 cm (Compact Track), 61 cm (Regular and Wide Track) // 22,0 inches (Compact Track), 24,0 inches (Regular and Wide Track)
Handle Height 79-91 cm (Compact Track), 80-95 cm (Regular and Wide Track) // 31,1 – 35,8 inches (Compact Track), 31,4 – 35,8 inches (Regular and Wide Track)
Width between handles 35 cm (Compact Track), 38 cm (Regular Track), 43 cm (Wide Track) // 13,7 inches (Compact Track, 14,9 inches (Regular Track), 16,9 inches (Wide Track)
Grip to brake 6,2 cm // 2,4 inches
Wheels Shock absorbing soft PUR/Rubber wheels with 20cm (7,8 inches ) diameter and 3,6 cm (1,4 inches) width
Material Carbon fiber frame, strong aircraft grade aluminum and semisoft, rubber-like handles for good grip
Box W25 x H85 x L75 cm – 6,5 kg // W9,8 x H33,4 x L29,5 inches – 14,3 lbs

The Carbon Ultralight is available in three different sizes. Many people can suit more than one size based on the below information. If you are in any doubt between two models, we recommend opting for the wider option.

byACRE Ultralight light rollator three sizes side by side to view

Size Seat Height Seat Width Handle Height Width Between Handles
Compact 56cm 41cm 79-91cm 35cm
Regular 61cm 42cm 80-95cm 38cm
Wide 61cm 47cm 80-95cm 43cm

Handle Height

The height of the handles should match the height of your wrists when standing comfortably.

byACRE Ultralight Handle Height

Seat Height

The seat height is fixed, but it differs between the Compact and the Regular / Wide sizes. To test which seat height is best, try sitting on a chair which is of a similar height.
The most important part of a rollator seat is how easy it is to get in and out of, so try sitting to see if you will be comfortable getting in and out of it frequently.

byACRE Ultralight Seat Height

Seat Width

When manoeuvring in and out of the rollator seat, it is preferable that your hip width is less than the width between the handles on the rollator. You can still use your rollator even if it’s a bit too narrow around the handles, but you may need to do a ‘salsa’ to get into the seat.

You should also consider whether you will be wearing thick coats (especially in the winter) or other items around your waist, as you may then need the extra space.

byACRE Ultralight Seat Width

Functionality + aesthetics = the perfect product

In our opinion functionality and design cannot exclude one another; they must be united to make a product that makes a difference.

With the Carbon Ultralight, we have created a rollator that is different and innovative and makes a difference for the user.

We never thought we would make a product that is directly motivating, but that is what we hear from our customers.

The Carbon Ultralight motivates people to keep moving and keep exploring.

(Almost) As light as a feather

Carbon Ultralight is the world’s lightest rollator weighing only 4,8 kg.

With lightweight materials, easy folding, and sleek lines it will easily fit in any car, train, boat or aeroplane. So you can keep discovering the world around you.

The featherweight also comes in handy when walking up hills or stairs or when climbing kerbs and other small obstacles when out and about.

Designed with physiotherapists

To ensure good posture, easy maneuvering and a comfortable walk

The soft, forward-facing handles promote a good, upright posture as you can draw the rollator close to your body, where it provides support at the core, thereby putting less strain on your back, neck and shoulders while walking.

The rollator walker has been ergonomically shaped and designed to make sure that you can manoeuvre it with little effort, as you mainly use the palm of your hands and not your fingers.

Shock-absorption? Of course.

A comfortable walking experience is a top priority.

Besides the ergonomic handles that provide a comfortable grip and the soft, shock-absorbing wheels, we have also made sure that regardless of which terrain you’re walking on you won’t get tired, sore hands.

How? The dynamic, arrow-shaped design of the frame isn’t all for looks, it also diverts any shocks from the terrain, as there isn’t a direct, vertical line from the ground to the handles.

The wheels are made of a thick 3,6 cm wide layer of soft rubber, which further absorbs a lot of the shocks from the terrain, adding an extra level of comfort while walking.

Hidden brake cables

Hidden brake cables are one of the details we’re most proud of.

And if you ask us, this is much more than a ‘little detail’. It’s at the core of the sleek design of the Carbon Ultralight.

The rollator walker is light and simple and its design ensures that it will never get stuck on bushes, parked bikes or anything else on you might encounter on your walk.

The brakes are easily activated with a small pull upwards, and the parking brake is activated with a small press downwards.

Lightweight & stable

Feeling safe and stable is crucial when you’re out and about with your rollator.

The featherlight weight of the Carbon Ultralight makes the rollator walker easy to maneuver. Should you lean too much on it while trying to turn instantly, it will resist the rapid turn, so you won’t experience any unintended trips or falls.

Furthermore, the forward-facing handles and the curved shape of the frame allow you to draw the rollator to the center of your body, which increases your control and thereby stability while walking.

Take a seat

With the Carbon Ultralight, you won’t have to compromise your adventure because of your need to rest.

With the comfortable built-in seat, you can be on the move and out exploring, or take a rest while enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend or simply taking in the view.

The Carbon Ultralight is the ideal urban rollator for big and small adventures.

Easy to fold…

And easy to take with you, so you can keep exploring.

The Carbon Ultralight rollator walker is the ideal travel companion. It doesn’t matter if you’re travelling abroad, across the world or around in your city or neighborhood.

With the easy foldability, you can take the rollator with you in your car, on the train, on the bus, on the metro, or on the boat or a plane.

It also comes in handy when you need to climb stairs or navigate narrow doorframes.

The ultimate outdoor urban rollator

The Carbon Ultralight glides easily along pavements, streets, cobblestone, grass, airport floors and even compact sand beaches.

The Carbon Ultralight is designed to meet all needs for everyday convenience and mobility.

You might be an urban explorer that enjoys buzzing city vibes and pavement cafés, simply love to stroll around your neighborhood greeting and meeting people, or you’re a true globetrotter taking every opportunity to explore the world.

Also works well indoors

Although it is designed for outdoor terrain, the Carbon Ultralight also works indoors. It glides easily over doorsteps and fits through standard doorways.

Oh, and it is of course easy to stove away since it’s only 25 cm wide when folded.

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