DeVilbiss 5 Litre Oxygen Concentrator

£1,099.00 Ex. VAT, £1,318.80 Inc. Vat

The 5 Litre Oxygen Concentrator Compact 525 is manufactured at Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare’s dedicated oxygen therapy facility in Pennsylvania, USA. The 525 oxygen concentrator is a quiet reliable oxygen concentrator providing a continuous supply of oxygen therapy for 24 hour care at home.

An oxygen concentrator is an electrically operated device that provides an uninterrupted supply of oxygen as and when required at the touch of a button. The oxygen concentrator draws in room air, separates the oxygen from other gases in the air and delivers the oxygen at high concentrations to the user.

The 525KS-UK delivers up to 5 litres per minute with high oxygen concentration across all flow rates.



Features a flow rate of 0.5 – 5lpm, delivering 93% ± 3% oxygen concentration
Includes an auxiliary oxygen port at the back of the oxygen concentrator which can be used to fill cylinder transfill systems
Visual and audible alarms for low oxygen levels, power failure, pressure drops and service required
OSD Sensor for continuously monitoring oxygen levels
Front labels with easy to read pictograms
Oxygen outlet incorporating a fire protection adapter

Product Specification:

  • Label: DeVilbiss 5 Litre Oxygen Concentrator

  • Depth: 30.4cm

  • Flow Rate: 0.5-5 LPM

  • Height: 62.2cm

  • Oxygen Concentration: 93% ±3%

  • Product Weight: 16.3kg

  • Sound Level: Approx. 50dBA

  • Width: 34.2cm

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