EZ-Compression Stocking Gun ® On

The EZ-Compression Stocking Gun® is a personal device for quick and easy application of compression stockings . Designed for carers and end users who find it challenging to manage the daily effort of putting on difficult to use compression stockings.  The device can be used up to 50 times before it requires a recharge due to its high capacity Lithium Ion battery.

Key Benefits:

  • Electrically powered
  • Little or no friction to the leg
  • Suitable for all classes of compression stockings
  • Very little physical strength is required to use
  • Robust construction
  • Quick and easy application

Available in 3 sizes:

Standard: for up to 47cm calf circumference

Large:  for up to 67cm and

XL:  for up to 88cm.

Devices are available without handles for use by carers offering assistance to others.

EZ-Compression Stocking Gun ® Stand

The EC Support Stocking Gun ® stand is the perfect accompaniment to the EZ-Compression Stocking Gun® compression aids. It is recommended for those with reduced mobility, people who can not lift their legs easily and people who may lack the use of a hand or arm.

Key Features:

  • Extremely light, strong and stable
  • Recommended for those with reduced mobility
  • Minimises amount of bending required by care givers
  • Allows EC Support Stocking Gun ® to be used with one arm
  • Leg can be placed into the EC Support Stocking Gun ® with less dexterity or strength




There are approximately 750,000 people in the UK who need to use compression stockings of which over 20% require assistance to do so. Whilst a number of manual products are available on the market which can assist in applying compression stockings, a large number of people are still unable to use these products due to the amount of physical strength required in the hands and wrists and the need to bend forwards to pass the stocking over the foot and ankle.

Designed specifically for this group of people, we now produce the EZ-Compression Stocking Gun®On which allows wearers to effortlessly put stockings on without the need for a nurse or carer, with minimal physical strength or effort required & no more bending down. A wearer no longer needs to wait for assistance from a care giver and can even take a holiday without the worry of arranging special assistance or support.

In addition many people who have been prescribed compression stockings may not currently use them due to the pain experienced when putting them on caused by the high friction exerted on the skin. The EZ-Compression Stocking Gun®On solves this problem by holding the stocking away from the skin during the application. This allows the device to be used painlessly by anyone including those with painful varicose veins or other conditions which are aggravated by friction. This results in a higher number of people following the essential treatment prescribed by their GP’s, nurses and qualified health care associates.

Cost and time saving benefits: EZMD devices vs Health Care visits

Example 1:

A patient requires 2 health care visits per day to assist with the task of applying or
removing compression stockings. Patient purchases both devices and becomes independent with
compression stocking activity.

Example 2:

A patient requires 1 health care visit per day to assist with the task of applying or
removing compression stockings. Patient purchases both devices and becomes independent with
compression stocking activity.

Example 3:

Time savings of a health care assistant who uses an EZ-Compression Stocking Gun®On
and an EZ-Compression Stocking Gun®Off to assist patients. In this example we have used low time
estimates for manual methods although in practice we experience much longer times, in some cases
up to 10 minutes per leg.