Footplates are flip up, removable and height adjustable. The T90is available as an assistant-propelled or self-propelled model. The Freeway T90 WC is a variation of the above, but for usage as a toilet commode – with a seat height of 560mm, clearing standard toilets and automatic bidets. NB: Self propelled models are wider due to splayed frame.

The protective coating of the shower chair includes our unique antimicrobial and antibacterial coating, which is resistant against the hospital super bug MRSA, e-coli, salmonella and listeria.


Seat Width: 36 cm
Seat Depth: 33 cm
Seat Height: 46 (Standard) / 56 (WC) cm
Top of Armrest to Top of Seat: 13 cm
Distance Between Armrests (Front): 34 (Standard) / 32 (WC) cm
Distance Between Armrests (Rear): 30 (Standard) / 32 (WC) cm
Backrest Height: 44 cm
Height Clearance: 47 (WC) cm
Width Clearance: 43 (WC) cm
Overall Width: 62 (Standard) / 47 (WC Assistant) / 68 (WC Self Propel) cm
Overall Height: 92 (Standard) / 98 (WC) cm
Length Including Footrests at Lowest Position:
Standard Assistant Propel: 73 cm
Standard Self Propel: 88 cm
WC Assistant Propel: 68 cm
WC Self Propel: 88 cm