Freeway T70 Shower Chair

£740.00 Ex. VAT, £888.00 Inc. Vat

The Freeway T70 Shower Chair is available as a shower, toilet or commode chair. One of the major benefits of the Freeway T70 is that it is fitted with large-braked rear wheels and push rims making this chair extremely easy to self-propel.


As with all Freeway Shower Chairs, only the finest materials have been used during manufacturing to ensure the shower chair is durable and long lasting.

The Freeway T70 offers the ultimate in hygiene, as the durable seat, backrest and armrests can be simply wiped down after use. The protective coating of the shower chair includes FREECOTE® – our unique antimicrobial and antibacterial coating which is resistant to the hospital superbug MRSA, e-coli, salmonella and listeria.

In addition to the standard T70, there are also variations to fit over Clos-o-Mat toilets, automatic toilets and for those who need easy side access when transferring on and off the shower chair:

Freeway T70 COM

The Freeway T70 COM is a version of the standard T70 which has been modified to work seamlessly with the Clos-o-Mat Samoa toilet.

Freeway T70 AUTO

The Freeway T70 AUTO is for use with automatic toilets including the Geberit 8000 range and Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita. Features pram handle backrest and seat with a skirt as standard.

Freeway T70 Side Access

The Freeway T70 Side Access is equipped with left /right side opening and adapted, swing away armrests.

Features & Benefits

  • Safe Working Load (SWL): 200kg (30 stone)
  • Available as a shower, toilet or commode chair
  • Versions available to fit over Clos-o-Mat toilets, automatic bidets and for those who erquire easy side access
  • Perfect for those who require a chair that is extremely easy to sel propel
  • Puncture proof rear braked wheels with removable push rims
  • Large diameter castors to the rear allow easy manoeurving over uneven surfaces
  • Frame constructed from heavy duty, durable tubing in order to provide years of rust free performance
  • Pliable backrest moulds to the user while providing excellent support
  • Durable seat, backrest and armrests can be easily wiped clean to ensure excellent levels of hygiene
  • Coating of the shower chair frame includes our unique antibacterial and antimicrobial coating.


Padded Standard
Seat depth 40 cm
Seat height 56 cm
Aperture option
Seat width 44 cm
Cutout orientation front
Mobile Standard
Front fitted with castors
Rear fitted with wheels
Fixed or detachable detachable
Swing away Standard
Type one piece or individual
Weight 21 kg
Armrest height 18 cm
Back height 39 cm
Capacity 200 kg
Height 98 cm
Width 65 cm
Length 115 cm
Brakes Standard
Self propelling Standard
Padded Standard
Detachable Standard
Tubular Standard
Pushing options pushing handles
Tubular Standard
Detachable Option
Padded Standard

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