BT10 Condor Wheelchair

The BT10 is a bariatric wheelchair that can support up to 250 kg (550 lbs). It is robust, yet foldable for easy storage and transportation. With a wide range of adjustable features, the user can configure the wheelchair in many different ways.



Foldable and Robust Frame Design

Unlike the conventional X-shape cross-bar which becomes unstable when supporting a heavy load, the innovative curved frame design makes the BT10 stronger and more stable than a standard chair.

Solid Seat Pan

Aluminum seat pan offers great support and prevents the Hammock Effect.

Foldable Push-bar

Attached to the push handles of the wheelchair, the push-bar makes it easy to push and maneuver the wheelchair with just one hand and at the same time reinforces the structure of the wheelchair. It also helps alleviate the pain and fatigue that comes from pushing a wheelchair. There is no need to detach because it folds with the wheelchair for easy storage and transportation.

Adjustable Swing-away Footrest

The swing-away footrest detaches with no tools required for easy transfer, on and off the wheelchair.

• Adjustable height with a range of 10 cm
• Adjustable front and back angle
• Adjustable front and back position
• Adjustable upwards and downward angle
• Adjustable left and right position

Available Colour: Diamond Black


Overall Length (mm) Min.1180 Max.1230
Overall Width (mm) Min.780 Max.980
Overall Height (mm) Min.800 Max.1010
Total Weight (kg) 31
Seat Width (mm) 560/610/660/710/760
Seat Depth (mm) 460/510/560/610
Seat Height (mm) 390~500
Backrest Height (mm) 410~510
Armrest Height (mm) 250
Backrest angle (-5)°~15°
Calf Length (mm) 320-370
Rear Tire (Inch) 24Q
Caster (Inch) 7”/ 8”
Overall Folded
Min.900*440*800 Max.950*440*1010
Maximum User Weight (kg) 250
Max. Single Piece Weight 22.9

Several Options Available

Seat width and depth (two options)

Option 1: Seat width (22″, 24″, 26″) x Seat depth (18″, 20″)
Option 2: Seat width (26″, 28″, 30″) x Seat depth (22″, 24″)
Provides maximum seat width and depth for correct positioning

Backrest height (two options)

Option 1: 16″、17″、18″(3 levels of adjustment)
Option 2: 18″、19″、20″(3 levels of adjustment)
Provides full and comfortable support for back

Seat height (three options)


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