Active Wheelchair-Vida Active

Made to Measure Active Wheelchair

Introducing the Vida Active by RMA Sport. From concept to completion, a truly made to measure rigid active wheelchair.

For us, designing a chair for an active lifestyle came in response to our made-to-measure rugby wheelchairs.  Made to Measure Vida Active Wheelchairs are entirely made to measure wheelchairs that are designed to each individual, after all, no two bodies are the same!  Purposeful engineering gives our Made to Measure Active Wheelchair distinctive features.  Also, the customisation options extend well beyond colour selection.

100% Bespoke:

No two individuals are the same- same shape, same preferences, or follow the same course. We believe a made to measure wheelchair should be unique to the individual, 100% bespoke. With these principles in mind, we offer a range of standard and additional components that you may require.

Aircraft Grade Aluminium:

Every Vida Custom Wheelchair is built using high-grade aircraft aluminium alloy 7020.  This material is stronger and lighter than standard aluminium, extremely efficient in performance and is heat treatable.

Design & Colour Options:

The customisation options extend well beyond frame colour selection.  There are multiple Spinergy wheel colours and sizes, various front castor and fork configurations, not to mention the multitude of additional coloured accessories and personalised graphics that can be added to the final build.


The Polycarbonate Torsion Seating Plate and foldable back rest are just two features unique to the Vida Custom Wheelchair.  The Torsion Seating Plate prevents the seat sag that can occur during the course of the wheelchairs life.


Every Made to Measure Vida Active Wheelchairs frame is custom built using highgrade aircraft Aluminium alloy 7020. This material is stronger and lighter than standard Aluminum, extremely efficient in performance, and is heat treatable.

Although the Vida is a bespoke build, Spinergy SPOX wheels are standard features. Spinergy’s patented PBO FIBER spokes with an X-laced hub complement the Vida’s performance adding torsional strength and advantages in push propulsion.

There are two ways of designing a Vida Active Wheelchair, either a Prescription built or our Premium Made-to-Measure service. Every Made-to-Measure build starts with our patented Contour Body Mapping device to accurately record measurements. This is a one-of-a-kind innovation; vital to maximising performance. Our Made-to-Measure wheelchairs have the added benefit of a second fitting.

Technical Specifications

  • Spinergy SPOX Wheels
  • Lightweight 7020 T6 aircraft aluminium frame
  • Anodised aluminium handrims
  • Polycarbonate torsion seating plate
  • Ergonomic 2″/50mm cushion
  • Folding or fixed backrest
  • Fixed footplate and footrest


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