TOPRO?s most lightweight rollator guarantees top quality, safety and exceptional durability combined with Norwegian modern and elegant design. TOPRO Pegasus in carbon fibre is lightweight with its 6.2 kg* ensuring the stability and well-known TOPRO quality.

Proven safety, exceptional durability, a patent-pending brake are some of the notable features of the TOPRO Pegasus. The TOPRO Ergo Grip, shock-absorbing wheels, partly integrated brake cables and copyright-protected design make it unique.

The elegant design is emphasized by the new rollator bag. Smart and practical, it includes a small inner pocket. The position of the shopping bag allows an unrestricted view of the pavement, which together with the reflectors makes it easier for users to feel secure. The rollator is tested and approved by T?V according to EN ISO 11199-2 (standard for security and quality for rollator) and EN ISO 10993-1 (standard for biocompatibility).

TOPRO Ergo Grip is a unique ergonomic grip, which makes it easier for the user to stand up from a sitting position. It also provides a comfortable armrest and offers different holding positions when standing and resting.
Interior braking system (TOPRO IBS) and TOPRO Comfort Wheel Soft: Comfortable and secure on unsurfaced road, paths, cobblestones etc. Wheels with good tread provide extra security when the user is sitting on the rollator.
Safe, intuitive and easy to operate height adjustment. Numbered height adjustment for easy reference to previous used height. Sturdy lock wheels for adjustment of the handles provide an increased feeling of safety.
Detachable shopping bag with inner pocket. The shopping bag has a 10-kilo capacity.
The seat consists of a mesh fabric, which provides good visibility for walking and is breathable, comfortable, durable and washable. Welded edges provide added comfort.
Parking brake, together with deep tread tyres, ensures safe use of the seat and secure transfer between rollator and chair. The driving brake provides additional safety during walking.
Folds easily by pulling the strap on the seat. A compact size for easier storage and rests steadily on four wheels. Easy to transport and is well suited to wheel through narrow passages.
A lock clamp locks the rollator securely in its folded position to make handling and transportation easier.
Edge guard for simple manoeuvring.
Tilt function makes it easier to navigate small obstacles such as kerbs and thresholds.
In total twelve ball bearings in the wheels and forks ensure smooth navigation of corners.
Crutch holder included as standard.
A wide range of accessories are available to individualize the rollator and provide extra safety.
Bell, back support, LED lamp, transport bag, two colourways of shopping bags, tray, anti slip mat for tray, rear bag, name tag, lock, umbrella, spikes for shoes, one handed brake, guiding handle.
* Weight including shopping bag is 6.6 kg. More Information
Recommended user height

150?200 cm

Maximum weight of user

130 kg

Maximum capacity shopping bag

10 kg / 15 l

Handle height

790?976 mm

Maximum length

650 mm

Maximum width

640 mm

Width between handles

470 mm

Seat height

630 mm

Turning diameter

840 mm

Diameter wheels

200 mm

Width wheels

36 mm

Handles ? TOPRO Ergo Grip


Grip distance driving brake

73 mm

Height when folded

803 mm

Width when folded

273 mm

Length when folded

650 mm

Product weight (excluding bag)

6.2 kg

Product weight (including bag)
6,6 kg

Articlenumber White

Articlenumber Steel blue