A companion for exploring and adventures.

  • All terrain rollator with ultra durable pneumatic tires and superb suspension
  • Rigid front forks and sealed bearings that withstands every weather and terrain
  • Carbon fibre frame – 5x stronger than steel
  • Tough yet lightweight at only 6,7 kg – for easy lifting into your vehicle
  • Foldable and with a built-in seat
  • Comes fully assembled and ready to explore

Large, air-filled rubber wheels

The wheels of the Carbon Overload are key to it’s off-road abilities

  • Ultra-durable and pneumatic tyres for maximum suspension
  • Wide and big wheels that don’t get stuck in tough terrains
  • High-quality tyres and tubes, making punctures a rare event
  • Sealed bearings that prevent water and dirt from penetrating the interior of the wheel

Safety and stability

It is important to feel safe while out exploring. The Carbon Overland provides you with great stability allowing you to conquer even the most difficult terrain without compromising your need for safety.

While being lightweight, it is constructed with a longer frame and strong, durable clips holding the handles firmly in place even on bumpy terrain.

Along with the forward-facing handles, that allow you to bring the rollator close to your body, the Carbon Overland gives you increased, firm control over the rollator and better stability while you’re walking.

The superb shock absorption from the large wheels provides you with a smooth, stable walking experience, unhindered by any differences in the terrain, so you can walk safely and avoid unintended trips or falls when out and about. 

A rollator built to last

Despite its light weight, the Carbon Overland is very strong and durable. The frame is made of strong carbon fibre material, that is 5 times stronger than steel.

Because of this we actually provide you with infinite warranty on the frame when you register your rollator on our website.

A rollator that is built to last, so to say.

Fold it with ease

With the Carbon Overland you will have the possibility

to go on all the adventures you want. The rollator is able to be folded effortlessly,

folding in just a few seconds. Take it anywhere you want without struggling.

The Carbon Overland is also superb for urban terrain such as cobblestone, pavements

and kerbs!

Product Specification:

More Information
Weight 6.70 kg
Max user weight 150 kg // 330,6 lbs
Length 73 cm // 28,7 inches
Width 68 cm // 26,7 inches
Width folded 29 cm // 11,4 inches
Seat width 47 cm // 18,5 inches
Seat height 62 cm // 24,4 inches
Handle Height 85-95 cm // 33,6 – 37,4 inches
Grip to brake 6,2 cm // 2,4 inches
Wheels Pneumatic rubber tires with inner tubes – 25cm diameter (9,8 inches) and 5cm (1,9 inches) wide
Material Carbon fiber frame, strong aircraft grade aluminum and semisoft, rubber-like handles for good grip.
Box W26 x H87 x L87 cm – 8,9 kg // W10,2 X H34,2 X L34,2 inches – 19,6 lbs