The snug and safe TOPRO chair

The Siena is a comfortable chair for relaxing and provides sturdy assistance when standing up and sitting down.

This model is available in microfibre in the colour sahara, in velour melange in the colour graphite, in the fabric combination microfibre/faux leather in the colours sand duo and titan duo and in faux leather in the colours slate blue and black.

A comfortable neck pillow is included as standard.
Remote control with large buttons is easy to use. Child protection pin included. The remote control can be mounted both on the left or right hand side of the chair.
A lumbar cushion for extra comfort can be bought separately.
Ergonomically designed seat provides TOPRO chairs with comfortable and secure support for the back and legs.
Two wheels at the rear make the chair easy to move when needed.
The chair is s fitted with one motor to help you safely transfer from the sitting to the reclined position.
The wings provide a comfortable resting position for the head and more safety when leaning to the side. More Information:
Verona Modena Siena
user height

ca. 165?185 cm ca. 160?180 cm ca. 160?180 cm
max. user weight

150 kg 150 kg 150 kg
Chair height 107 cm 105 cm 103 cm
Chair width 77 cm 83 cm 80 cm
Chair lenght,
resting position

175 cm 162 cm 162 cm
Back height 59 cm 61,5 cm 57,5 cm
Seat height 48 cm 43,5 cm 45,5 cm
Seat width 52 cm 51 cm 51 cm
Seat depth 52 cm 52 cm 54 cm
Back tilt Approx. 180? Approx. 158? Approx. 158?
Remote control
Sit, relax, get up,

footrest, backrest

Sit, relax,

get up

Sit, relax,

get up

No. of motors 2 1 1