Adjustable Telescopic Channel Ramps 6Ft – 12Ft

£199.00 Ex. VAT, £238.80 Inc. Vat

The Adjustable Telescopic Channel Ramps are suited for those with manual wheelchairs which need unlimited adjustability and easy storage. Available in 6ft, 7ft, 8ft, 10ft and 12ft lengths, they are extremely versatile and ideal for home and commercial use. The ramps are lightweight and compact, making them a perfect solution for those seeking a ramp which can easily be transported in the car. The ramp can be clipped down to shorter lengths when required, ideal for use when you are out and about and unsure what step height or kerb you may find. Due to the width, these are also a popular solution for those with narrow doorways. Price and capacity stated is for the PAIR.

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Please note that those channel ramps are ONLY suitable for manual wheelchairs, for electric wheelchairs and scooters please view our folding wheelchair ramps.

      • Maximum gradient = 1 in 6 although 1 in 8 is recommended
      • 5cm high walls
      • Quick and easy to set up
      • Perfect for using on various heights, simply clip down to use at shorter lengths (view minimum/maximum length per ramp)
      • Durable non-slip surface
      • Rest on connection, to fit just rest on and start loading
      • Perfect for kerbs and steps
      • Edges on each side of the ramp to prevent accidentally wheeling off
      • Compact for easy storage, perfect for transporting in the car boot
      • Perfect for narrow doorways, total width of each ramp is only 210mm
      • Grab handles
      • 275kg capacity
      • For shorter lengths, view our 4ft and 5ft ramps with the black grip surface.
      • All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancement
      • These ramps are only suitable for use as mobility aids

Adjustable Telescopic Channel Ramps

6ft / 182cm

  • Extended Length: 6ft(1820mm)
  • 2 Part Ramp
  • Min. Length (mm): 1045
  • Weight per ramp (kg): 6
  • Capacity (kg): 275
  • Total width (mm): 210
  • Max. load height (mm): 300

7ft / 212cm

  • Extended Length: 7ft(2125mm)
  • 2 Part Ramp
  • Min. Length (mm): 1195
  • Weight per ramp (kg): 7
  • Capacity (kg): 275
  • Total width (mm): 210
  • Max. load height (mm): 355

8ft / 243cm

  • Extended Length: 8ft(2430mm)
  • 2 Part Ramp
  • Min. Length (mm): 1350
  • Weight per ramp (kg): 8
  • Capacity (kg): 275
  • Total width (mm): 210
  • Max. load height (mm): 405

10ft / 299cm

  • Extended Length: 10ft(2990mm)
  • 3 Part Ramp
  • Min. Length (mm): 1270
  • Weight per ramp (kg): 10
  • Capacity (kg): 275
  • Total width (mm): 210
  • Max. load height (mm): 500

12ft / 359cm

  • Extended Length: 12ft(3595mm)
  • 3 Part Ramp
  • Min. Length (mm): 1467
  • Weight per ramp (kg): 11.5
  • Capacity (kg): 275
  • Total width (mm): 210
  • Max. load height (mm): 600

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