Falcon Folding Powerchair 20″

£2,195.00 Ex. VAT, £2,634.00 Inc. Vat

The KP-25.2 is suitable for medium- and short-distance travel. Lightweight and compact, it features a foldable frame and a removable compact battery pack. Perfect for your daily use, the KP-25.2 is both convenient and portable.



Suitable for Mid-Short Distance Journeys and for Both Indoor and Outdoor Use

One of the daily difficulties power wheelchair users encounter is manoeuvring in and through tight spaces like doorways and elevators. The Falcon is a compact medium-size wheelchair, meaning it is easier to manoeuvre around tight corners and through narrow doorways.

No Tools Required

The lightweight, foldable frame and the quick release battery design make transport even easier.

Height Adjustable Armrests

According to the user’s body requirements, the armrest height can be adjusted to four different heights, allowing for a more comfortable fit.

Side Transfer

Side transfer is made easier with the flip-up armrests and the detachable swing-away footrests.

Crash Test Approved

The KP-25.2 is approved for transportation in accordance with ISO 7176-19. This means it is suitable to be used as a seat in a motor vehicle for transportation.

Attendant Control (Optional)

Five-second quick repositioning, allowing caregivers to provide the best possible care easily.


Product Model KP-20 Series
Nominal seat width
515 / 20
Nominal seat depth (mm/in)** 480 / 18
Front caster / Drive wheel size (in) 8 / 12
Backrest height (mm) 450 ~ 525
Armrest to seat distance (mm) 225 ~ 285
Front location of armrest structure (mm) 245 ~ 500
Seat surface height at front edge
Footrest to seat distance (mm) 350 ~ 435
Effective seat width (mm) 530
Effective seat depth (mm) 515
Seat plane angle (X°) 6
Backrest angle (X°) 11
Seat to backrest angle (X°) 95
Leg to seat angle (X°) 110
Overall length with legrest (mm) 985 ~ 1115
Overall width (mm) 690
Overall height (mm) 960 ~ 1035
Folded length (mm) 755
Folded width (mm) 395
Folded height (mm) 910
Total mass (kg) 67.6
Total mass without batteries (kg) 36.3
Mass of the heaviest part (kg) 30.6
Maximum user weight (kg) 115 / 135 (pneumatic tires)
Motor power (W) 200
Battery capacity (Ah) 50*2
Charger output current
Drive range (km) *** 32
Battery Compartment (L x W x H)
220 x 170 x 175 (Single Compartment)
Maximum speed forward (km) 6
Minimum braking distance from
max speed (mm)
Obstacle climbing (mm) 50
Ground clearance (mm) 60
Minimum turning radius (mm) 1130
Minimum turning radius without
user (mm)
Reversing width (mm) 1260
Static stability downhill
Static stability uphill
Static stability sideways
Dynamic stability uphill
Ability to climb rated slope (X°) 12

Additional information

Range Miles

Max Speed

Battery Size


Max User Weight

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Detachable Battery

Airline Friendly

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