Arm Sling

£16.67 Ex. VAT, £20.00 Inc. Vat

Size Forearm Length
S 22.5-25cms
M 25-27.5cms
L 27.5cm-30cms
XL 30-32.5cms
XXL 32.5-35cms



  • Compact design to provide full support to the lower arm.
  • Available in five sizes so that it is best for arm injury relief in all age groups.
  • Made with advanced technology at a licensed manufacturer unit.
  • Comfortable skin-friendly material
  • Breathable material allows the patient to enjoy pain relief comfortably without the arms becoming sweaty.
  • Simple arm sling design supports the brace with an adjustable broad neck support.
  • Separate thumb rest allows for maximum relief when complete movement restriction is necessary.
  • Separate broad shoulder pad for easy carrying.
  • Easy to remove, making it easy for the patient to bathe or change clothes
  • Washable fine quality material.
  • No electrical features involved

 How to use:

  • Please refer to circumference table to place orders for the right size fitting. Consult our customer support if you are unsure about the right size.
  • Read package instructions carefully on receiving the order.
  • Take help from someone to set the brace and strap around the injured arm.
  • Adjust shoulder/neck strap length to a comfortable fit.
  • Use it constantly to provide maximum rest to the injured arm.

Take Care:

  • It is a therapeutic accessory that should only be used following a recommendation from a licensed physiotherapist. Make sure that no one except you uses the product casually as it can alter the adjustability with your body.
  • Keep it away from children.
  • Try to wear it over a full sleeve shirt instead of using it on bare skin. This helps the Arm Sling from getting dirty quickly. Keep it clean to prevent accumulation of germs on the fabric.
  • Alter the belt adjustment according to the progress of your recovery.
  • Clean the Arm Sling with a wet cotton swab regularly. It can be machine dried, but it is advisable to hand wash in warm soapy water for longevity. Prefer sun drying instead of machine drying.
  • Try to move your arms as little as possible.
  • The practitioner will suggest when you can replace the Arm Sling with a wrist sling allowing greater flexibility to the arms.
  • Use of thumb rest is optional and depends on patient discretion.


  • The arm sling is used for all kinds of arm pain relief as long as you are able to fold from the elbows.
  • Certain types of pains in arms are caused due to neural reasons. The sling may not be a sufficient accessory in these cases. Consult a specialist to evaluate its possible benefits even then.
  • It is beneficial for treating fractures, sprains, and injuries of all kinds.
  • Having the product at home can provide first aid benefits to anyone receiving a sudden injury at the arm.
  • Athletes and sportsmen involved in games such as volleyball and basketball can use it for resting their arms between training sessions.
  • In case of fracture or broken bones, you can use it over the plaster cast for optimum comfort.
  • The doctor would suggest you to wear it for some time even after the cast is taken off.
  • Kids are particularly prone to arm injuries. The various sizes make it easy to find a right one suitable for a child.
  • Beneficial for seniors suffering from weak bones due to aging.
  • It eventually releases you from painkiller dependency. These pills only provide temporary relief and grow tolerance levels very fast to cause addiction.

The arm sling is a fantastic support accessory for treating lower arm injuries. This portion of the body is a common region to receive the impact of a fall. Since the hands are among the most mobile portions of the body, complete rest is necessary for the relief.

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