Mackworth Essentials Turner Transfer Aid

£325.00 Ex. VAT, £390.00 Inc. Vat

The Mackworth Essentials Turner is a cost-effective and practical aid for transferring patients from one seat to another.


The Mackworth Essentials Turner is a practical tool for carers who need to help patients with lifting and turning movements from one seated position to another. This reduces the risk of stress injuries for the carers and provides a more secure transfer for the patient.

The device is designed to transfer people from one seated position to another and is suitable for patients with moderate strength in their arms and legs and the ability to stand up with support.  The turner is small and compact and can easily be placed close to the user. Height adjustable knee pads and a non-slip tread base provide a safe and comfortable transfer for the patient. The base wheels allow easy movement between patients. The turntable easily rotates 360° for transfers in confined spaces.


  • The wheels are not designed to be used when transporting patients and are to help move the device from room to room.
  • The turner must not be used for transporting the user.
  • Do not tip the device while someone is standing on the rotating plate.


Features & Benefits

  • Easy to use – The lightweight, compact design and transport wheels make it easy to manoeuvre the hoist in tight spaces.
  • Flexibility to use with many patients – The height adjustment in the lower leg pad and handlebars and the generous weight limit make this a suitable option for many patients.
  • Safety features offer peace of mind – the foot pedal break secures the turntable whilst the patient is being positioned, and the padded loop handle allows the patient to use their preferred grip.
  • Simple installation – No tools are needed to assemble the stand aid, making it an easy, single-person assembly.


User weight limit (SWL) 160kg
Total weight (unboxed) 14kg
Castor size 75mm
Length 480mm
Width 430mm
Height (max) 1260mm

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