E-Med 1205 and 1405 Patient Trolley

The E-MED 1205 two-section and the E-MED 1405 four-section patient trolleys have been developed for applications in the acute care environment including A&E, hospital wards, day case surgery, x-ray and general patient transportation.
The trolleys operate with a smooth, adjustable height range of 56-88cm, easily adjusted using dual sided foot controls which can be placed at the head or foot of the trolley.
The special patient platform is totally radio transparent, and the open construction of the trolley beneath the platform enables x-ray and imaging equipment to be operated either above or below the full length of the patient.


Product Features:

Minimal transfer gap with no lateral protrusions
Full length x-ray cassette options
200mm antistatic castors as standard, 5th wheel option for easy movement through 360°
Height adjustment pedals on both sides of trolley
Patient documents/personal items spaces, oxygen tank holder as standard
High quality 8cm anti-static, pressure redistributing mattress
Central braking system from any corner of the trolley
Full range of accessories available

Product Specification:

Label Height Backrest Adjustment Electrical 5th Wheel Backrest Xray Cassette Holder Central Braking System Knee Break Adjustment Electrical No Of Sections Bed Dimensions (W x L) Platform Length Platform Width Reverse Trendelenburg Safe Working Load Trendelenburg User Weight Capacity
E-Med 1405 56 – 88cm Yes Optional Optional Yes Yes 4 88 x 213cm 191cm 65cm Yes 300kg (47st) Yes 255kg (40st)
E-Med 1205 56 – 88cm Yes Optional Optional Yes No 2 88 x 213cm 191cm 65cm Yes 300kg (47st) Yes 255kg (40st)

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