Mackworth Essentials SA180E Standing Aid

£999.00 Ex. VAT, £1,198.80 Inc. Vat

The Mackworth Essentials SA180E is an economical standing aid. The stand aid is used to safely stand up and transfer people with limited mobility, while reducing the risk and strain on the caregiver.



The Mackworth Essentials SA180E is a stand aid that can be used to support elderly or disabled people with limited mobility. The stand aid is ideal for those who need a little extra support when standing or sitting in a chair, and can also be used for the safe transfer of patients.

This easy-to-use stand aid reduces the risk and strain to caregivers, and is perfect for everyday use in both professional and homecare environments. A huge benefit of a stand aid is that it is mobile and versatile, so a single unit can be used to care for multiple people, living in different rooms.

With a 180kg lifting capacity, adjustable knee pad and market leading Linak® actuators and motors, this robust unit is suitable for everyday use and comes equipped with all the vital functions required to safely support someone between seated and standing positions, as well as for safe transfer.

We are proud to assemble and test the Mackworth Essentials SA180E in the UK.

Why not pair this hoist with one of our popular slings?

The stand aid, which has looped sling attachments, can be used with an active sling to provide additional support to the patient as they are standing.

Mackworth, Prism and Care-ability branded slings provide excellent levels of comfort and support to the patient and are recommended for use with the Mackworth Essentials SA180E. Please refer to the user manual for the full range of suitable slings.

Features & Benefits

The Mackworth Essentials SA180E stand aid offers a robust and quality solution for the safe transfer of people with limited mobility:

  • Robust design built to last – The frame is a powder-coated steel construction, offering durability and stability. The stand aid can carry up to 180kg and includes a soft, adjustable knee pad to provide extra support during the lift.
  • User-friendly controls – A Linak® control system is used as standard. The system includes intuitive hand controls making it easy to raise/lower the lifting arm.
  • Safety features offer peace of mind – The stand aid includes many safety features as standard, including emergency lowering, manual lowering and an emergency stop button.
  • Easy to use – The lightweight frame, large swivel castors, ergonomic handle, and manually operated leg opening and closing makes it easy to manoeuvre the stand around wide obstacles. This means you can easily get closer to the patient.


Weights and dimensions

  • Safe working load: 180kg
  • Unit weight (unboxed): 47kg
    • Base weight: 23kg
    • Mast and boom weight: 24kg
  • Height: 1,145 – 1685mm
  • Length: 1,190mm
  • Ground clearance: 33mm
  • Under bed clearance: 112mm
  • Leg opening range: 680 – 1,050mm
  • Turning circle: 1,230mm


  • Material: Powder-coated steel, PU foam, vinyl PVC
  • Front castors: 100mm
  • Rear, braked castors: 100mm
  • Hand controls: Wired electric hooked handset
  • Lift actuator: Electric (LA44)
  • Charging time: 8 hours
  • Lifts per charge: 30
  • Sling connection: Looped

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