The Mackworth M180 is a mobile hoist that can support the safe transfer of elderly or disabled people with limited mobility.
This user-friendly hoist reduces the risk and strain to caregivers and can be used by one person as part of a single-handed care routineThe hoist’s design gives the patient full dignity and well-being and is suitable for professional and homecare environments. A considerable benefit of a mobile hoist is that a single unit can care for multiple patients in different rooms.
This robust unit is perfect for daily use with an impressive 180kg lifting capacity, manual leg opening, and market-leading Linak® actuators and motors. The hoist is also available in a folding variety, providing an option for easy storage or an ideal solution when travelling.
We are proud to manufacture the Mackworth M180 mobile hoist in the UK.

A sling is required as part of the hoisting system of a mobile hoist. Slings are available in various materials, shapes, and sizes to suit multiple requirements.

Mackworth, Prism and Care-ability branded slings provide excellent levels of comfort and support to the patient and are recommended for use with the Mackworth M180.

Features & Benefits

The Mackworth M180 Mobile Hoist offers a robust and quality solution for safely transferring people with limited mobility:

  • Robust design, built to last – The frame is a powder-coated steel construction, offering durability and stability. The mobile hoist can carry up to 180kg, and the 1.45m lifting range makes it suitable for most uses, including lifting a patient from the floor.
  • User-friendly controls – A Linak control system is used as standard. The system includes intuitive hand controls that make it easy to raise/lower the carry bar and a low battery warning light.
  • Safety features offer peace of mind – The hoist includes many safety features, including emergency lowering, manual lowering and an emergency stop button.
  • Easy to use – The large swivel castors, ergonomic handle, and manually operated leg opening and closing make it easy to manoeuvre the hoist around wide obstacles. This means you can quickly get closer to the patient.
  • Simple installation – No tools are needed to assemble the hoist, making it an easy, single-person assembly.
  • Optional Folding Mast – The folding mast means the hoist can be easily folded down without needing tools. This makes it ideal for storing away or for use when travelling.
  • Optional QRS Carry Bar – The quick-release system makes it easy to change the carry bar quickly or to attach the optional QRS scales unit for hassle-free weighing.

Technical Specification

Weights and dimensions

  • Safe working load: 180kg
  • Unit weight (unboxed): 39kg
    • Base weight: 18kg
    • Mast and boom weight: 21kg
  • Carry bar weight: 2kg (optional extra)
  • Height: 1,340 – 1,970mm
  • Length: 1,310mm
  • Internal width: 540 – 1,030mm
  • External width: 680 – 1,120mm
  • Ground clearance: 25mm
  • Under bed clearance: 112mm
  • Turning circle: 1,010mm


  • Material: Powder-coated steel, vinyl PVC
  • Castors: 100mm
  • Hand controls: Wired electric hooked handset
  • Charging time: 8 hours
  • Lifts per charge: 30
  • Sling connection: Looped