Mackworth Essentials CT Ceiling Hoist

The Mackworth Essentials CT Ceiling Track Hoist is a lifting aid that transfers clients safely.

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Product Description

The Mackworth Essentials CT is a lifting aid that makes it possible to move people with limited mobility and is designed to provide comfort and support to the client during the transfer.

This easy-to-use ceiling track hoist reduces the risk and strain to caregivers and is perfect for everyday use in both professional and homecare environments. A considerable benefit of a ceiling track hoist is that it is installed at ceiling level, freeing up floor space and making it easier to get around. It can be installed across multiple rooms, and an h-system means you can access the whole floor space. This makes it an ideal and effective way to lift and transfer people.

The hoist features a wired electric handset and a lifting range of up to 2100mm. The Mackworth Essentials CT should have a suitable fixed ceiling track system and a sling. It can lift patients to 200kg and offer complete flexibility with a range of track layouts available.

We design, assemble and test the Mackworth Essentials CT in the UK and are proud to have been certified via TUV on appropriate standards.

The hoist should be used with a sling. Mackworth, Prism and Care-ability branded slings provide excellent levels of comfort and support to the patient and are recommended for use with the Mackworth Essentials CT. Please look at the user manual for the full range of suitable slings.

Features & Benefits

  • Discreet design built to last – The hoist has a flame-retardant ABS cover offering durability. The hoist can carry up to 200kg, and the 2.1m lifting range makes it suitable for most uses, including raising a patient from the floor.
  • User-friendly controls – The system includes intuitive hand controls making it easy for you to raise/lower the carry bar. The LED screen displays helpful user notifications, including battery level and fault information.
  • Safety features offer peace of mind – The hoist includes many safety features, including emergency lowering, manual lowering and an emergency stop button.
  • Quick-release system – The QRS makes it easy to change the carry bar quickly or attach the optional QRS scale unit for hassle-free weighing.

Technical Specification

Weights and dimensions:

  • Safe working load: 130kg or 200kg (model dependent)
  • Unit weight: 4.5kg
  • Carry bar weight:
    • Black: 2kg
    • White: 1.2kg
  • Height and length:
    • A: 210mm
    • B: 180mm
    • C: 165mm
    • D: 515mm
  • Hoisting range: Up to 2100mm


  • Hand control: Wired electric handset
  • Display: LED battery level and fault information
  • Duty cycle: 15% use, 85% rest
  • Battery: 2x12V NiMH, 3.3 Ah
  • Charging time: 8.5 hours
  • Charging type: In-track or handset charging
  • Lifts per charge:
    • 100 lifts at 130kg
    • 60 lifts at 200kg
  • Emergency stop: Yes
  • Emergency lowering: Electrical
  • Carry bar type:
    • Black: Triple hook, looped with quick-release system
    • White: Single hook, looped with quick-release system
  • Cover material: UL 94 V-0 flame retardant ABS

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