Mini Crosser X Cabin Mobility Scooter

£13,700.00 Ex. VAT, £16,440.00 Inc. Vat

The Mini Crosser is made in Scandinavia, specifically for Nordic conditions. It is the best-selling electric scooter in Northern Europe. The features that set the Mini Crosser apart are functionality, strength, comfort, durability, safety and value for money. With the Mini Crosser’s adaptability and huge range of accessories, it is suitable for all types of users, adults as well for children. Adaptability and flexibility are important factors for many users, especially those with arthritis, muscular atrophy, MS, back pain etc. Over time, a user may require alterations such as a different accelerator control, a larger seat, extra support, electric add-ons and other accessories. With the Mini Crosser, you have a safe and secure future.

Key features

  • New larger wheels that roll easier and provide less resistance.
  • Improved suspension for more comfort.
  • LED lights that really light up the road in the dark. And makes you very visible in the traffic.
  • Digital control panel shows date, time, temperature, kilometres/miles covered, current speed and battery status


  • Transport height without seat (Steering column folded down)70 cm
  • Total length: 140 cm
  • Total width: 66 cm
  • Total weight incl. batteries, without seat: 144 kg
  • Total weight incl. batteries and seat: 169,5 kg
  • Max. speed: 15 km/t
  • Turning radius: 165 cm
  • Max. user weight standard: 175 kg
  • Max. driving distance with 56 Ah batteries: Up to 35 km
  • Max. driving distance with 85 Ah batteries: Up to 60 km


Medema have taken the benefits of their Mini Crosser X2 and converted it into the Mini Crosser Cabin, an enclosed mobility scooter. The highest quality in the industry with super comfortable suspension. The Mini Crosser is an extremely powerful and reliable scooter, suitable for all climates, with a long life expectancy of at least 10 years. Suitable for driving in both urban and rural areas.

With the Cabin, you are always warm and dry throughout the year. It protects you from the elements. The Cabin comes with an optional heater, so even in wintertime, you can enjoy driving outside. As standard, the Cabin is equipped with electric wiper and washer. The windows of the side doors are openable so you can enjoy the fresh air. The doors are lockable. The Cabin is  particularly suitable for people with impaired lung function and respiratory problems. The Mini Crosser Cabin is characterised by ample space and low noise level. Due to the large windows, the user can enjoy the views.


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