Lithium Battery Docking Station

£149.00 Ex. VAT, £178.80 Inc. Vat

The docking station allows the battery to be removed from the folding scooter and charged in the
home and/or away from the scooter. It requires the original charger for its operation.


1. Insert the round 3-pin plug from the charger in to the side of the docking station (as
shown in the image below):
2. Plug the charger in to the mains and switch on. The light on the docking station should
now illuminate green.
3. Remove the battery from the scooter and drop in to the docking station. The light should
not turn from green to red.
4. When the light turns amber the battery is fully charged. Remove the battery and switch off
the charger at the mains.

Docking Light Status and Troubleshooting
GREEN: Battery is not charging. Check battery is correctly seated and the charger is plugged
in to the docking station and mains.
RED: Battery is charging
AMBER: Battery is fully charged

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