The Aire Deep Soak Tub Walk In Bath

Get the long, relaxing bathing experience you deserve with the Aire deep soak walk in bathtub. This safe and comfortable design will give you peace of mind to bathe despite your mobility issues.

Our Aire walk in baths have a sleek, modern design, making it a popular choice for customers looking to keep their house looking stylish.

The features of the Aire easy access baths include:

  • Deep Soak Depth for Soothing Experience
  • Low Door Threshold for Ease of Access
  • Slip Resistant Seat for Added Safety

Find out if the Aire Walk in Bath Tub is the right solution for you and your home


Benefits And Features:

The Aire is one of the most popular products in our range of walk in baths. It’s compact size, stylish design, and built in safety features makes it ideal for those with limited mobility.

Enjoy all the benefits of a long soak in the tub without having to face the challenge of lying down that you would with other baths. Discover the details and safety features of our Aire walk in baths and how they can benefit you:

01 – Deep soak walk in bath design

The Aire walk in bath tub comes in a stylish deep soak design that allows you to bathe in a sitting position. The compact size is far smaller than a standard bath, making it ideal for smaller spaces.

The walk in tub style design has a height of 950 mm, meaning that you’ll get to relax and soak at chest level. When you opt for walk in baths like the Aire, you’ll eliminate the need to lie flat in the bath.

We know that if you suffer from restricted mobility, lying down can be a challenge, but with the Aire bathtub you’ll still get to enjoy the health benefits of bathing that you feared were long behind you.

02 – Low step easy access

We understand that some mobility issues, such as hip problems, prevent users from lifting their feet easily from the floor. That’s why we’ve designed the Aire easy access baths with low threshold doors to make it less daunting to climb in and out of your bath.

Depending on the construction of your floor, we may even be able to set the threshold of the door even lower to make it even easier for those with limited mobility.

03 – Slip resistant seat and base

We know that the thought of slipping in the bath can make you worry about bathing. From entry and exit, to even slipping off of the seat, your fears are understandable.

After all, if you have limited mobility, not only can it be hard to pull yourself back up, but falls become increasingly more risky.

So, to give you peace of mind, we’ve designed our Aire walk in bath with a slip resistant seat and base. This will minimise the risk you face while using the bath, making your bathing experience less dangerous.

04 – Inward opening door

Bathroom space can sometimes be limited, so in addition to making our Aire walk in bath tub smaller than a full length bath, we’ve also designed it with an inward opening door.

When you choose a walk in bath that saves space, it will leave you with more room to navigate your bathroom safely and with ease.

Having that extra space to move around can be essential, and especially helpful to customers who use walking aids to navigate their home.

05 – Grab rails

We know how essential safety features are for walk in baths, the risk that the elderly face from slips and falls is far higher.

To make your exit from the bath safe and easy, we’ll install grab rails in positions that work best for you. We’ll work with you to establish where you need the extra support when getting out of the bath, and install grab rails in the best position to suit your needs.

06 – Optional cosmetic box

Because the Aire walk in baths are designed for smaller spaces, there’s a chance that there will be extra space if it’s installed in the footprint of your old bath.

This awkward gap is often not large enough to fit bathroom extras in, and tends to be difficult to clean. So, to ensure that your bathroom looks stylish, you can opt for an end panel to cover up the extra space.

This cosmetic box can also be used as a shelf to place items in easy reach while you bathe.

07 – Fast fill and drain

The twin easy drain waste plug is easy to use, and the temperature control mixer bath tap is suitable for whether you use your right or left hand. In fact, the temperature control taps mean that you can set your temperature exactly to your preference without having to keep adjusting the taps to find the right balance.

And, because the Aire walk in bath tub is shorter the your traditional full length bath, you’ll notice that these mobility baths get full faster.

08 – Shower compatibility

Not everyone wants to choose between a bath and a shower, that’s why we’ve designed the Aire walk in bath with shower compatibility. If you love the look of the Aire design, but are still looking for a shower bath, then ask us about adding shower functionality.

With the Aire walk in baths, you don’t need a separate shower area, you can wash your hair while using the walk in bath seat.

The shower compatibility of our Aire walk in baths also makes it more suitable if you live with your family.


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