Moore Walk In Bath With Seat

The Moore walk in bath is our most popular full length bath, designed to make bathing easier than ever if you have limited mobility. With a design centred around style, and subtle safety features implemented to give you the very best bathing experience, the Moore walk in bath could be what you’ve been waiting for.

The Moore walk in bath is ideal for those who want to experience a fully immersive deep soak without worrying about the logistics of getting in and out of the water.

Some of the Highest Quality Features of the Moore Walk In Bath Include:

  • Powered slip resistant seat for a worry-free, relaxing soak
  • Low threshold entry for easy access
  • Slip resistant surfaces for added security


Is the Moore Walk In Bath the Perfect Fit for You?

Explore the Luxurious Features of the Moore Walk In Bath

Fits in the Footprint of Your Previous Ordinary Bath

The Moore is designed to fit seamlessly in the place of your previous standard bath, but with all the added benefits of our walk in baths.

This means you can keep the layout of your current bathroom, particularly if you have

smaller spaces in your bathroom, without needing to worry about a hectic installation.

Our friendly installation team will also ensure to clean up their mess, leaving you with one less thing to worry about.

01 – Removable powered seat

One of the most prominent safety features of the Moore is the luxury powered seat, offering maximum comfort so you can sit safely and bathe without worry.

We know that lowering yourself down into the bath can be difficult when you struggle with mobility, so we’ve designed our Moore walk in bath to help lower you into the water and get back out again.

When you have the ability to have a full depth bath despite your mobility issues, you’ll gain all the benefits of a long soak.

As one of the additional safety features, the seat does not lower all the way to the bottom of the bathtub. This prevents accidental trapping of skin or fingers. And, the seat is also removable, making the Moore ideal for a family home bathtub.

02 – Glass shower screen

The Moore can also be fitted with a glass shower screen in the event that you want to use it as a walk in shower bath.

We know that you don’t always have the time for a long soak in the tub, so the ability to turn your Moore into a shower bath makes it a versatile choice for any bathroom.

Plus, the screen is manufactured with safety glass that is covered in AllClear technology, so water and dirt are repelled from the screen during use.

03 – Grab rails

For additional support, our range of chrome grab rails can be installed with your Moore walk in bath to give you the security you need while bathing.

Many of us struggle with our balance as we get older, so having the extra security of something to grab on to can help you to navigate your way in and out of the tub safely.

We work with you to find the best places in your bathroom for the ideal placement of your grab rails, however many you need!

04 – Slip resistant surfaces

The Moore walk in bath contains a slip resistant base for added safety. If you struggle with balance, or stability, the base will allow you to confidently enter the water without the worry of slipping.

We know that you might worry about falling from the seat while in the water, so the slip resistant seat is designed to give you a secure place to sit while bathing. This means that you can wash with ease,comfort, and peace of mind.

05 – Low threshold easy access door

Unlike your old bath, which may have required you to make a significant step in and out, the Moore walk in bath makes use of a low threshold door for easy access.

As we get older, it can be difficult for us to lift our legs over the side of a tub, particularly for those of us with hip issues. However, if you can manage the step of a stair, then stepping over the easy access threshold of the Moore should be a simple task.

The low door threshold enables you to retain your independence, while also allowing you to benefit from the easy transition from bathtub to bathroom.

06 – Biocote technology

Biocote antimicrobial technology is ideal for maintaining your walk in bath to a high level of cleanliness and functionality.

If you struggle with mobility issues like arthritis and have difficulty bending to clean your bathroom, Biocote prevents the growth of mould, viruses, and bacteria.

Staying healthy as we get older is essential, so the use of antimicrobial technology will help to keep you from exposure to harmful bugs.

07 – Temperature controlled taps

We understand that scalding is a real risk, so we install a temperature controlled mixer bath tap to minimise the risk of injury.

This ensures you can get a comfortable temperature so you can enjoy a luxury bath in optimum comfort without a fuss.

Our taps are easy to use, even for customers who suffer with arthritis in their hands, so you don’t have to worry about being able to turn your taps on and off either.

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