The Stratus Homelift

£13,500.00 Ex. VAT, £16,200.00 Inc. Vat

Prices starting from £13,500 (Base Price)

The Stratus homelift is an open car through-the-floor lift perfect for wheelchair users. It is available in three sizes to accommodate different needs.


Prices starting from £13,500 (Base Price)

Perfect for wheelchair users, the Stratus has half-height panels and uses the absolute minimum space in your home.

It is simple to operate thanks to in-car and remote controls and can be fully equipped with safety features. Optional features include custom colours and wraps, and a folding seat for able-bodied users who must use the lift in a seated position.

Standard Features:

  • Space-saving design – no side posts
  • Fits almost anywhere
  • Whisper quiet
  • Easy to use
  • Level access
  • Safety features
  • British Standards compliant
  • Suitable for wheelchair and passenger use
  • Hard-wired smoke alarms
  • Minimal building works
  • Wireless controls

Optional Features:

  • In-car communications
  • Power operated door
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