Handy Trolley With Brakes Height Adjustable

£149.99 Ex. VAT, £179.99 Inc. Vat

The Handy Trolley with brakes provides a sturdy and robust walking aid for use within the home, enabling users to transport items from room to room. The clip-on plastic shelves are easy to clean and feature a raised …

  • Arthritic friendly looped brakes
  • Robust steel, plastic coated for durability & cleaning
  • Two plastic trays are heat resistant and removable
  • Top tray can easily be used to eat


  • Sturdy and robust walking aid for use within the home
  • Clip on plastic shelves are easy to clean with a lip around the edge to prevent items slipping off
  • Brakes allow the trolley to also be used as a walking frame and can be used around the home and for use within the garden/path areas
  • Arthritic friendly lockable hand brakes provide additional safety when rising from a seated position
  • Handles provide a secure hold for people with a weak grip
  • Bottom tray is set forward making it easy and safe to walk with
  • Top tray is designed for eating meals whilst sitting
  • Handle height can easily be adjusted to suit the users’ needs
  • Four large (15cm) castors allow easy manoeuvrability around the home
  • Tool free assembly and disassembly for ease of storage and transportation
  • Maximum carry weight of up to 15kg (33lb)

Product Specification

  • DESCRIPTION – Handy Trolley with Brakes
  • OVERALL HEIGHT – 81cm – 91cm (32″ – 36″)
  • OVERALL WIDTH – 57cm (22″)
  • OVERALL DEPTH – 53cm (21″)
  • PRODUCT WEIGHT – 7.6kg
  • TRAY WIDTH – 46cm (18″)
  • TRAY DEPTH – 32cm (13″)
  • LOWER TRAY HEIGHT – 68cm (27″)
  • UPPER TRAY HEIGHT – 43cm (17″)
  • CASTOR SIZE – 15cm (6″)
  • MAXIMUM LOAD – 15kg (33lb)
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY – 125kg (20st)

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