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Pro Care Auto is High specification pressure relieving dynamic mattress


Pro-care Auto is one of the most advanced dynamic mattresses available to the UK healthcare market. This high specification, pressure-relieving mattress combines automatic self-adjustment of cell pressure with optional heel relief and constant low pressure therapy for the effective prevention and management of severe pressure ulcers.

Designated heel zone:
In compliance with EPUAP guidelines relating to pressure ulcer management, individual air cells in the heel zone can be isolated and deflated for 100% pressure offloading, enabling the care giver to float the heel of the patient.

Advanced CPR valve:
The CPR dial is located at the head end of the mattress. Its unique design reduces the risk of accidental activation whilst its emergency function enables immediate deflation to provide a stable surface for CPR.

Cable management:
An innovative cable management system channels the power lead down the side of the mattress, keeping the cables off the floor and preventing the risk of damage or tripping.

Pro-care Auto combines high quality, enhanced care for patients with ease of use and maintenance for carers. With a maximum user weight limit of 250 KG, its comprehensive list of advanced features includes automated calibration of cell pressure according to the end user?s weight and position in the bed. This negates the need for manual intervention, whilst its unique designated heel zone allows the carer to float the heel. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS
Mattress Size: 200 x 85/90 x 12.7/20 cm

Mattress Weight: 6.5/7.1 kg

CPR: Yes (Turning Knob)

Cell Count: 8? x 20 Cells

Cell Structure: Cell on Cell

Pillow Function: Yes

Heel Relief: Yes

Cable Management: Yes

Maximum Weight Capacity: 200 kg

Pump Size: 29.1 x 20 x 11.7 cm

Pump Weight: 2.2 kg

Cycle Time: 10 mins

Comfort Levels: Auto Adjust (+ or ? 1)

Operational Panel: Digital

Transport Function: Yes

Alternating Mode: Yes

Static Mode: Yes

Seat Inflation Mode: Yes

MaxFirm Key: Yes

Low Pressure Alarm: Yes

Power Failure Alarm: Yes

Tech Support Alarm: Yes

Alarm Buzzer (mute): Yes

Panel Lock: Yes

Auto Adjustment: Yes

Antimicrobial Filter: Yes

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