Yorke Premium Adjustable Bed

£1,495.00 Ex. VAT, £1,794.00 Inc. Vat

About the Yorke Premium Adjustable Bed

Showcasing a button-back headboard, the Yorke premium adjustable bed is ideal for comfort, support, and style. The Yorke comes with back and leg adjustment which is beneficial for a variety of health problems that affect your sleep. The Yorke also features zero-gravity and anti-snore mode which are designed to enhance your comfort and improve sleep quality. Personalise the Yorke with size and fabric options to create your dream bed.


Features of  bed:

Simulates Weightlessness

Use zero-gravity mode to be transformed into a pressure-free position. Originally developed by NASA, ZG helps relieve tension and pressure for relaxation and a better night’s sleep.

Ideal for Snorers

The subtle anti-snore mode gently positions the head up slightly to open the airways and reduce snoring. Anti-snore helps achieve undisturbed sleep from snoring in the night.
Find Perfect Positions
The Yorke has a backrest adjustment which makes reading or watching tv in bed more comfortable. Raising the backrest provides proper postural support and spinal alignment.

Elevating Leg Rest

Raise your legs at the touch of a button with the leg-rest adjustment. This can help reduce swelling in the legs and increase circulation in the lower body.

Premium Fabric Selection

Make the Yorke bed extra special by choosing from our premium fabric range which includes woven linens and plush velvets.

Easy to Control

The Yorke bed comes with a backlit wireless handset that has clearly displayed buttons for each feature and adjustment. Our dual beds have two controls for each mattress platform.

Choice of Sizes

Choose from a variety of single and double sizes for the Yorke adjustable bed. Our dual beds have two mattress platforms that control individually to suit each user.

Upgrade The Yorke

Fancy more features? Choose to upgrade the Yorke and enjoy even more features which include an under-bed light, pulse/wave massage, and wall-hugging technology
Choose Base Technology

Choose Base Technology

  • Back Rest Adjustment
  • Leg Rest Adjustment
  • Zero Gravity Mode
  • Anti Snore Mode
  • Memory Programming

  • Everything on standard and:
  • GlideBack Auto Regression
  • Additional Pillow Tilt
  • Massage
  • Underbed Light


Headboard Height 1200mm / 47¼”
B External Length 2100mm / 82¾”
C External Width 1000mm / 39½”
D Height to Mattress Platform 300mm / 11¾”


External Length 2400mm 94½”
External Width
– 90cm/3ft Single
– 120cm/4ft Small Double
– 135cm/4ft6 Double
– 150cm/5ft King Dual
– 180cm/6ft Super King Dual
External Height 1500mm 59”

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