3-Layer Adjustable Pillow

£19.99 Ex. VAT, £23.99 Inc. Vat

With 2 adjustable layers underneath to customise to fit up to 6 different positions for personalized need. Ergonomic contoured construction to support the head and neck in spinal alignment.

  • Temperature responsive properties
  • Provides excellent neck and spine protection
  • Enhances better blood circulation


Product Features

Relieving stress and tension is crucial for everyone. Conventional pillows and cushions can restrict blood flow, cause pressure build up and pain. The Restwell range of visco-elastic memory foam products has been developed to provide excellent stress relieving comfort and support. Its thermo sensitive properties will shape according to body temperature and the pressure points of the body weight.

  • Temperature responsive properties relax tensed muscles and promote pressure relief by conforming the human body weight and shape.
  • Provides excellent neck and spine protection and natural spine alignment as it eliminates the possible damage caused by body pressure.
  • Enhances better blood circulation and avoids soreness caused by the compression of nerves.
  • Simply add or remove a layer until you find your ideal comfortable position.

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