Bradshaw Bed in Light Oak with Uncovered Ends

A clinically advanced bed range featuring safety, comfort and design benefits; the Bradshaw range has been developed for home care, nursing and residential care environments. This range of four section electric profiling beds with adjustable head, foot and knee sections support effective resident care. The Bradshaw offers multiple profiling and positioning benefits which can reduce other potential complications of immobility.

The Bradshaw is available as a standard or a low model; both bed variants allow the bed to be raised/lowered to a height such that a carer’s posture is closer to neutral for the moving and handling of residents. Also available with uncovered head and foot ends.


Product Features:

The Bradshaw Care Home bed offers multiple bed profiles and positions to support effective resident care;

Featuring an Auto Regressing backrest, the Bradshaw is designed to maximise resident comfort. The backrest section of the profiling bed raises and regresses away from the pivot point of the thigh section; increasing the space in the sacral area to promote comfort and minimise shear and friction forces as migration in the bed, cumulative movement and torso compression are reduced. SOURCE; Role of Bed Design and Head-of-Bed Articulation on Patient Migration Kermit G. Davis, PhD and Susan E. Kotowski, PhD CJ Nurs Care Qual. 2015 Jul; 30(3): E1–E9.

Auto contour function is a pre-programmed profiling position that raises/lowers both the backrest and knee break simultaneously to promote comfort and minimise migration in the bed. SOURCE; Preece J ‘Total bed management: The way forward in pressure sore prevention’, British Journal of Nursing 1999 8 (22) 1524-1529

Reverse Trendelenburg function (foot down position) places the body on an incline with the head elevated up to 11°, profiling the patient to maintain a socially interactive and comfortable position in the bed.

The Cardiac chair position additionally provides a comfortable seated position for users nursed in bed, further promoting interaction and comfort whilst undertaking activities, by utilising the auto contour and foot down tilt in combination.

Trendelenburg positioning (head down tilt) is available using the optional 10 button handset, allowing a tilt of 11° if prescribed for an individual’s clinical needs.

Each bed comes as standard with an intuitive and easy-to-use 9 button handset. The lightweight handset can be locked-out to ensure vulnerable patients’ safety.

The low platform height of the Bradshaw Low reduces the risk of a fall from height for vulnerable residents, at just 19.2cm from the floor. It can also support independent transfers (ingress/egress from the bed) for some individuals.

A large range of side rails also provide additional safety for the resident whilst in bed; with wooden and metal options available including extended rails for the taller resident and height extended rails for those assessed as requiring them. The side rails feature a two action release mechanism for added safety. This reduces the risk of accidentally releasing and the rails lowering.

Included within the optional side rails is an added safety feature that if clinically appropriate, enables the side rails to be locked in the down position to ensure that rails cannot be used in circumstances where the use of side rails may pose a hazard to the user.

The Bradshaw range of beds are compliant to:
EN 60601-1-11*
Medical electrical equipment – Part 1-11 – Requirements for medical electrical equipment and medical electrical systems used in the home healthcare environment.
EN 60601-1
Medical electrical equipment – Part 1 – General requirements for basic safety and essential performance.
EN 60601-2-52
Medical electrical equipment – Part 2-52 – Particular requirements for basic safety and essential performance of medical beds.

Product Specification:

Label Backrest Adjustment Electrical Bed Extension Length Knee Break Adjustment Electrical Bed Dimensions (W x L) Platform Height (Min x Max) Platform Length Platform Width Reverse Trendelenburg Safe Working Load Trendelenburg User Weight Capacity
Bradshaw Low Bed in Light Oak with Uncovered Ends Yes Optional Yes 105.6 x 221.5cm 19.2 x 61.4cm 199cm 90.5cm Yes 215kg (34st) Yes 178kg (28st)
c Bradshaw Bed in Light Oak with Uncovered Ends Yes Optional Yes 105.6 x 221.5cm 38.6 x 80.8cm 199cm 90.5cm Yes 215kg (34st) Yes 178kg (28st)

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