Activ8 Vivo Bed

The Activ8 Vivo has been developed for everyone involved in the critical care environment – the patient, the clinical teams and the trust/health board.
This bed has been designed to offer state of the art advanced clinical management solutions for critical care patients that can be used as part of an early mobilisation protocol.
One button functionality on the touchscreen control panel provides access to a full range of therapy, comfort and safety settings offering simplified solutions.


Product Features:

The Activ8 Vivo encompasses pulmonary therapies such as programmable Continuous Lateral Rotation Therapy (CLRT), which can assist in the prevention and treatment of respiratory conditions and promote oxygenation in patients
Pulmonary Expansion is available with the Vivo bed and integrated Vivo mattress combination. The Vivo mattress is equipped with a pneumatic system which inflates, causing the shoulders to retract and the internal volume of the thoracic cage to increase to improve pulmonary ventilation
Innovative Patient Anti-Slipping System helps to prevent migration down the bed and reduces the risk of tissue damage during Auto-Regression backrest adjustment. Comprising of a concealed opening in the mattress platform which opens during backrest adjustment, it seats the mattress and the patient comfortably with minimum movement or discomfort
Our optional integral mattress is recommended to achieve the full benefits of the PAS System for maximum patient comfort and skin protection. The specialist mattress combined with the Patient Anti Slipping System (PAS) is a preventative measure to reduce friction and shear forces on the sacral area which are known to be a contributory factor in pressure ulcer development
Offering a programmable rotation therapy angle of up to 15°, our CLRT ensures the patient re-positioning schedule is maintained by programming the tilt angle and time frame as required
Specially designed dual therapy mattress available with mattress pump integrated into bed foot end. The intuitive touchscreen display controls all the mattress comfort settings, switching easily between alternating and constant low pressure (CLP) while dedicated heel-zone provides additional support to this vulnerable area
Integrated Class III weigh scales to support patient care
Split side rails, with independent head section, maintain patient safety whilst allowing access
Restless patient and patient exit warning alerts offer additional patient safety
Lateral tilt up to 15° assists with re-positioning and handling patients as well as with general duties, such as changing bedding and patient care and hygiene
Nursing functions include Cardiac chair, Manual & Electric CPR, Head Down Tilt (Trendelenburg)/Foot Down Tilt (Reverse Trendelenburg), auto contouring and safe exit position
Designed for easy cleaning and improved infection control
Electronically adjustable bed extension extends by a further 23cm to accommodate taller patients
X-ray compliant with a wide radio transparency area and option to fit x-ray cassette holder
Easy to manoeuvre with 150mm braked, anti-static castors
Integrated Nurse and Patient Controls in Side Rails

Product Specifications:

Label Backrest Adjustment Electrical 5th Wheel Backrest Xray Cassette Holder Bed Extension Length Castor Brake Alert Central Braking System CLRT CPR Function Foot Control Included In-Built Mattress Integral Patient Weigh Scale Knee Break Adjustment Electrical Lateral Tilt Lateral Tilt Angle Nurse Handset With Lcd Bed Dimensions (W x L) Patient Anti Slipping System Platform Height (Min x Max) Platform Length Platform Width Pulmonary Expansion Therapy Reverse Trendelenburg Safe Working Load Trendelenburg Underbed Clearance User Weight Capacity
Activ8 Vivo Bed Yes Yes Optional 23cm (Electric) Yes Yes Yes Yes (Manual & Via Nurse Handset) Yes No Yes Yes Yes 15 / -15° 15 / -15° Yes 108 x 219cm No 48 – 82cm 198cm 90cm No Yes (15°) 255kg (40st) Yes (-16°) 13cm 190kg (30st)
Activ8 Vivo Bed with Integrated Mattress Yes Yes Optional 23cm (Electric) Yes Yes Yes Yes (Manual & Via Nurse Handset) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 15 / -15° 15 / -15° Yes 108 x 219cm Yes 48 – 82cm 198cm 90cm Yes Yes (15°) 255kg (40st) Yes (-16°) 13cm 190kg (30st)

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