Activ8 Titan Bariatric Bed

The Activ8 Titan critical care bed has been designed to offer state of the art clinical management solutions for plus-sized patients and helps create a safe and more comfortable environment


Product Features:

The Titan is a four section electrically profiling bed with variable height mattress platform (45cm – 83cm).
Dual sided lateral tilt function and intelligent nurse control panel offers a range of configuration options together with continuous lateral rotation therapy (CLRT).
X-ray translucent mattress platform to facilitate c-arm and other x-ray procedures with patient in either seated or horizontal positions.
Quick release head and foot ends for emergency and resuscitation procedures.
Built in dual auto-regression function, designed to increase comfort. The backrest slides backwards to an additional degree as it is raised creating more space within the pelvic area.
Built-in electrically operated mattress platform extension adds 10cm of length to ensure the comfort of taller patients.
Simplified egress design enables patients to exit from the foot end. The unique design of the bed profiles to a chair position providing safe egress and assisting with early-mobilisation procedures.
Under bed light illuminates when in the lowest position.
Clever touch panel with integrated colour graphic display provides total control over bed positioning, with a clear status overview for all functions and alerts.
Integral weigh scales to provide accurate patient weight readings.
Complies with European standard IEC 60601-2-52:2010.
Nursing functions include Cardiac chair, CPR, Head Down Tilt (Trendelenburg)/Foot Down Tilt (Reverse Trendelenburg), auto contouring and safe exit position.

Product Features:

Label Backrest Angle Backrest Adjustment Electrical 5th Wheel Bed Extension Length Castor Brake Alert Central Braking System CLRT CPR Function Egress Function Button Foot Control Included Integral Patient Weigh Scale Knee Break Adjustment Electrical Lateral Tilt Lateral Tilt Angle Leg Rest Angle Leg Section Adjustment Electrical Nurse Handset With Lcd Bed Dimensions (W x L) Platform Height (Min x Max) Platform Length Platform Width Reverse Trendelenburg Safe Working Load Trendelenburg Underbed Clearance User Weight Capacity Product Weight
Activ8 Titan Bariatric (100cm wide) 72° Yes Yes 10cm (Electric) Yes Yes Yes Yes (Manual & Via Nurse Handset) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 15 / -15° 15 / -15° 45° Yes Yes 108 x 222cm 45 – 83cm 203cm 100cm Yes (14°) 500kg (78st) Yes (-14°) 15cm 435kg (68.5st) 243kg
Activ8 Titan Bariatric (120cm wide) 72° Yes Yes 10cm (Electric) Yes Yes Yes Yes (Manual & Via Nurse Handset) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 15 / -15° 15 / -15° 45° Yes Yes 128 x 222cm 45 – 83cm 203cm 120cm Yes (14°) 500kg (78st) Yes (-14°) 15cm 435kg (68.5st) 263kg

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