Relaxa Bath Lift (including BathLift, Wall Mounting Bracket, Floor Mounting Bar, Battery, Charger, Belt Sleeve & User Manual)

£899.00 Ex. VAT, £1,078.80 Inc. Vat

Bathe independently – safely and easily

  • Easy to install with no wiring or plumbing

  • Fits most baths

  • Slimline design with remote control

  • Retractable belt for normal bath use

  • Built in water temperature thermometer

  • Supports user weight up to 20 stone

  • Re-chargeable battery for easy and safe use

  • Avoids the need for large-scale renovations


The Relaxa bath lift is a slimline bathing aid which fits most baths and is easy to install. There are no electrics or plumbing required and the bath lift operates using a handy rechargeable battery.

The belt gently lowers you into the bath and again gently rises, when you are ready to get out. The Relaxa bath lift enables you to have full, deep soak.

The Relaxa bath lift comes with a handy remote control and also a temperature thermometer to ensure your bath is at a safe temperature. The unit will also alert you with an audible alarm when the battery starts to run low.

This belt bath lift has been designed to take up minimal space in your bathroom and the fully retractable belt means that the bath can be used without the lift at any time.

How the Relaxa Bath Lift works

Sit on the side of the bath then place your legs into the tub. Slide yourself onto the belt.

Lower yourself into the bath either using the waterproof remote control or the main unit.

Once you have been gently lowered into the bath – lie back, relax and enjoy a soak!

Relaxa Bathing Aids

We have further developed our product range by introducing the Relaxa Back and Relaxa Seat.


The Relaxa-Back will give support when getting onto the belt and lowering into the bath.

The Relaxa-Back is fitted under the bath lift and attached to the wall as shown. The Relaxa-Back provides support when getting onto the belt and when lowering into the bath. When the Relaxa-Back is moved to the back of the bath it can then be used as a comfortable head rest.

The Relaxa-Back is available either with a blue or white cushion.


The Relaxa-Seat makes getting on to the belt simple and safe.  The padded seat can be raised or lowered and it is an ideal place to sit in comfort when drying after the bath. The Relaxa-Seat is also fully adjustable so that it will fit your bath height.



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