Freeway T80 Reclining Shower Chair

£1,295.00 Ex. VAT, £1,554.00 Inc. Vat

The Freeway T80 Shower Chair is highly versatile, and the reclined position has significant advantages for a wide range of needs, increasing comfort and relieving pressure for those experiencing conditions such as: MS Spinal injuries MND Stroke Other neurological conditions Cerebral Palsy


This chair reclines through all possible positions up to 45 degrees, and is easy to operate. The T80 is available in self-propelled versions with a choice of reclines, and comes with a wide range of positioning accessories. Featuring two high quality stainless steel gas struts, the tilt action is easy and light to operate. The Freeway T80 is available as assistant-propelled or self-propelled. Freeway T80 COM> A variation of the T80 reclining shower chair, designed to work seamlessly with the Clos-o-Mat Samoa toilet. Freeway T80 AUTO A version of the standard T80 which has been modified for use with automatic toilets, including the Geberit 8000 range and the Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita. Retro fit kit is available to allow existing T80 chairs to be upgraded to the hydraulic system. Dimensions The Freeway T80 Shower Chair range is available in three standard sizes, based on seat width:

A – 540mm or 21″
B – 490mm or 19″
C – 440mm or 17″
The protective coating of the shower chair includes FREECOTE®, our unique antimicrobial and antibacterial coating which is resistant against the hospital super bug MRSA, e-coli, salmonella and listeria.

Features & Benefits

Reclines through an infinite number of positions up to 45 degrees.
Easy to operate.
Available as assistant propelled or self propelled.
Wide range of positioning accessories and optional extras
High quality stainless steel gas struts.
Tilt action is easy and light to operate.

Technical Specification

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