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Pride 670 Chairbed Rise Lift Recliner Chair

£ 838.80 (£ 699.00 excl VAT) each


Limitless positions available, and optional mattress option

The 670 Chairbed from ‘Pride® Lift Chairs’, is a dual motor lift chair, and features a 27 stone weight capacity, it has a waterfall back enabling the upholstery to be easily cleaned and is available five unique fabric options.

The Pride 670 Electric Riser Recliner Chair is the ultimate recliner chair, a quality riser recliner chair, that can double up as a comfortable place to sleep. It is ideal for those who will spend a lot of time in their riser chair. There is even the option to have a tailor made mattress top that adds to the long term comfort of the chair (optional extra).

The Pride 670 chairbed riser recliner has two motors, which allow you to move the footrest independently of the backrest. and create an infinite combination of positions to enable you to achieve absolute comfort.

With safety in mind, there is a cut out key fitted to the controls to stop "younger hands" from getting up to mischief. There is also a battery back up system. In the event of power failure, the battery power can either return you to a seated or standing position as required.

A top quality frame, and supportive upholstery will offer comfort to users up to an impressive 27 stone in weight.

Available in a choice of 5 stylish colours, the Pride 670 will soon become a favourite.

This Pride riser recliner chair is fitted with a smooth and quiet motor and comes in a choice of 5 beautiful colours; Oatmeal, Burgundy, Almond, Green and Blue, you are sure to match your existing furnishings with this striking range of colours.

To summarise if you are looking for a quality, Dual Motor, Riser Recliner Chair for less money than some single motor chairs, this is the chair for you!

There are two types of electric recliner chair. A single motor recliner chair has one motor to move both the footrest and backrest, when you raise the footrest the backrest will recline at the same time.

With a dual motor riser recliner chair you can move the footrest and backrest independently of each other, you can raise your feet whilst keeping your back straight or any number of other combinations you wish. The backrest and footrest each have their own motor to give you maximum comfort.


Fabric Choices:

  • Oatmeal
  • Burgundy
  • Almond
  • Green
  • Blue


Intended Use:

Your Lift Chair is considered a medical device, based on the following criteria; an electric positioning chair, which is a device, with a motorised positioning control that is intended for medical purposes and that can be adjusted to various positions. The device is used to provide stability for patients with athetosis (involuntary spasms) and to alter postural positions. Since the Pride Lift Chair is used for alleviation of or compensation for injury or handicap, it would be categorised as a medical device. As for the testing standards, we currently utilise EN18182, Assistive Products for Persons with Disabilities.


670-Chairbed Specifications:

Weight Capacity: 27 Stone (170 k.g)
Back Width: 76 cm (30”)
Seat to Floor: 51 cm (20”)
Seat Depth: 53 cm (21”)
Seat Width: 51 cm (20”)
Top of Back to Seat: 68.5 cm (27”)


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