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Pride LC107 Dual Motor Chair Rise Lift Recliner Chair

£ 718.80 (£ 599.00 excl VAT) each

LC107-Dual Motor

Limitless amounts of positions with high levels of comfort

The new LC107 from ‘Pride® Lift Chairs’, is a dual motor lift chair, which means that it has a limitless amounts of positions, enabling you to find your perfect position.

The Pride LC107 Electric Riser Recliner Chair is based on the entry level Pride LC101, but unlike the LC101 the Pride LC107 recliner chair has dual motors. The dual motors allows independent control of the foot rest and back rest, as well as providing the all-important rise function.

The extra functionality provided by a dual motor chair is important for users who need to sit upright with raised feet. The Pride LC-107 Electric Riser Recliner Chair doesn’t sacrifice the usual Pride build quality. It has a 23 stone weight capacity and comes with same quality of fabric as the dearer chairs in the range.

As with other Pride Electric Riser Recliner Chairs, the LC-107 features a simple to use handset, specifically designed to help those with poor dexterity or arthritic hands. Safety is also considered; you simply remove a ‘key’ on the side of the handset and this prevents the chair from being used.

To summarise if you are looking for a quality, Dual Motor, Riser Recliner Chair for less money than some single motor chairs, this is the chair for you!

This Pride riser recliner chair is fitted with a smooth and quiet motor and comes in a choice of 3 beautiful colours; Oatmeal, Burgundy and Almond, you are sure to match your existing furnishings with this striking range of colours.The Pride LC107 Riser Recliner can accommodate a maximum user weight of 23 stone.

There are two types of electric recliner chair. A single motor recliner chair has one motor to move both the footrest and backrest, when you raise the footrest the backrest reclines at the same time.

With a dual motor riser recliner chair you can move the footrest and backrest independently of each other, you can raise your feet whilst keeping your back straight or any number of other combinations you wish. The backrest and footrest each have their own motor.


Fabric Choices:

  • Oatmeal
  • Burgundy
  • Almond


Intended Use:

Your Lift Chair is considered a medical device, based on the following criteria; an electric positioning chair, which is a device, with a motorized positioning control that is intended for medical purposes and that can be adjusted to various positions. The device is used to provide stability for patients with athetosis (involuntary spasms) and to alter postural positions. Since the Pride Lift Chair is used for alleviation of or compensation for injury or handicap, it would be categorized as a medical device. As for the testing standards, we currently utilize EN18182, Assistive Products for Persons with Disabilities.


LC107-Dual Motor Specifications:

Weight Capacity: 23 Stone (147 k.g)
Back Width: 74 cm (29”)
Seat to Floor: 48 cm (19”)
Seat Depth: 48 cm (19”)
Seat Width: 51 cm (20”)
Top of Back to Seat: 70 cm (27.5”)
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